About the Staff

Woodoo South Public School has a variety of experienced teaching staff that are focused on providing quality and inclusive education catering to the needs of all students. In order to provide an inclusive environment, there are a number of support staff to assist teachers and include students in classroom activities.

Principal: Mr Garry Adams

Deputy Principal: Mrs Sandra Banks

Assistant Principals: Ms Kerry Church, Ms Rhonda Dawes, Mr Felix Eaton, Mrs Jane French and Mr Rodney George.

Classroom Teachers: Mr Blake Harrington, Mrs Kate Isaac, Mr John Jenkins, Miss Joanna Kite, Mrs Paula Lakes, Ms Emma Mullins, Ms Rebecca North, Ms Danielle O'Keefe, Mrs Renee Plate, Ms Lauren Quest, Mr Daniel Roberts, Mr Tim Spears, Mrs Patricia Squires and Ms Felicity Upton.

New Scheme Teachers: Mrs Amber Zali, Mr Brad Cooper, Mrs Alana Hill, Mr Paul Frank, Ms Merrin Maroney, Mr Adam Fernandez, Ms Emma Prideaux, Mrs Shannon Bardot, Mr Sean Callaghan and Mr Daniel Donahue.

Teacher Librarian: Mrs Anne Lambert

Additional Support

Support Teachers: Mrs Edna Catwright, Ms Judith Robert and Ms Debra O'Grady. 

English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher: Mrs Rosemarie Fairly.

Support Teacher Learning Assistance (STLA): Mrs Sonia Fergio

Education Sector Support Program (ESSP) Teacher: Ms Julia Bulgari

Aboriginal Resource Teacher: Ms Debbie Lapham

Aboriginal Education Officer: Mrs Anne Thornton 

School Learning Support Officer: Mr Jason Heally

Integration Aides: Mrs Kylie Newman, Ms Michelle Wentworth and Mr Kyle Jenkins.

For more information on our support staff, please view our School Support Staff page.