Class Profile

In the third week of school, Caitlin was assigned her class, which is a composite class over two stages. A class profile had been created to help Caitlin understand the needs of her class and ensure that each students individual needs are catered for.

Class Name: 4/5C

Stage: Two and Three

Number of Students: 24 Students - 14 boys: 10 girls

Classroom Resources:

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Whiteboard on wheels
  • Four Desktop Computers with one printer
  • Art Area with sink and storage
  • Laptop for the teacher


Students with exceptional needs:

  • Sally: Strong reader however needs to be encouraged to participate in classroom discussion. 
  • Jack: Often runs home from school and needs to be escorted back to school by his mother.
  • Dale: Currently 18 months behind the learning outcomes. Dale is Aboriginal and currently lives with his maternal grandparents as DOCS removed him from his mothers care. 
  • Sam: A student who has been identified with Aspergers.
  • Thomas: A year five student reading at lowest year four level. Thomas' low reading ability is affecting him socially and emotionally.


Additional information:

  • 18 students are from Non-English Speaking Backgrounds.
  • All students live in the local public housing estate and come from low socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Dale and Jack are Aboriginal.
  • Sally's mother thinks she may be gifted so Sally may require extension in learning activities.