Classroom Management

As a teacher, it is important to consider your philosophy on classroom management. Caitlin has been given an insight in to the Principal's expectations on classroom management, however she feels her philosophy is quite different.

Caitlin, in order to write a classroom management plan, you can ask to see the schools Behaviour Management Plan to understand the schools expectations and adapt your philosophy accordingly. As you consider teaching with a student-centred approach, there may be opportunities to use this strategy, however there will also be opportunities to use a teacher-centred approach.

You can also refer to the Department of Education and Communities Values in NSW Public School Policy. The DEC believes that "these values represent the aspirations and beliefs of the Australian community as a whole, including its concern for equity, excellence and the promotion of a caring, civil and just society" (DEC 2004, p3). 

When developing your Classroom Management Plan, there are many areas to consider in order to keep the students engaged, motivated, on task, and in control of their learning. Use the Menu Bar above to find further information on developing your Classroom Management Plan.