Students From Low Socio-Economic Backgrounds

Caitlin, within your class you have students from a range of backgrounds. As you’ve begun to develop relationships with them, you also need to be aware of their home lives and factors that can affect their learning in your classroom.

Each of your students should not be disadvantaged because of their family’s financial or geographical situation (Habibis & Walter 2009). As the classroom teacher there are some factors that will affect a student’s learning abilities. To be an effective teacher you need to identify these problems and develop solutions that suit each child’s needs.

Some of these problems can be due to the location of the Woodoo South Public School, and below are some links and files to help you develop your professional knowledge about the implications of teaching within Low Socio Economic Areas.

Click the link below to deepen your knowledge about NSW Priority Schools Programs. There are four modules you can complete at your own pace. If you are to complete the course, you can log the time spent within your Accreditation process. 

NSW Priority Schools Program: Induction Toolkit 

One of your students has been identified as being removed from his home by DOCS. To make sure you know all there is to know about student welfare the link to the DEC’s policy on student welfare is below.

NSW DEC Student Welfare Policy 


Further Readings:

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