Planning The Curriculum

The quality of the content being taught within your classroom reflects your pedagogical knowledge. Caitlin and other beginning teachers like yourself, have begun to develop and strengthened your pedagogy knowledge by having to create your own class program.

Through programming a teacher is held accountable for the learning that takes place in their class throughout the year (Killen 2005). It allows for scope and sequencing practices to illustrate the inclusive and adaptive procedures.
All teachers program in their own way, many teachers often modify program templates to suit themselves, students and the school’s requirements. With all teaching and programming beginning teachers need to use the three dimensions of pedagogy from the Quality Teaching Framework, which are identified in the image below. 

Each of the dimensions relate to specific adaptive practices that need to be incorporated in how you develop an inclusive classroom program. 

Under Intellectual quality a teacher needs to use adaptive practices to create:

  • Deep knowledge
  • Deep understanding
  • Higher order thinking
  • Problematic knowledge
  • Metalanguage
  • Substantive communication.

Significance relates to:

  • Background knowledge
  • Knowledge integration
  • Connectedness
  • Cultural knowledge
  • Inclusivity
  • Narrative

Quality Learning Environment must include the following aspects:

  • Explicit quality criteria
  • High expectations
  • Academic engagement
  • Social support for student achievement
  • Student self-regulation
  • Student direction

(Killen 2005)