Key Learning Areas - Integration

Effective teachers are able to connect their planned learning and teaching episodes with multiple outcomes from multiple Key Learning Areas (KLA’s). By doing this Caitlin, your curriculum knowledge will strengthen and you will be able to adjust your teaching to accommodate for student’s individual needs, their prior knowledge and their intellectual awareness.

By also strengthening your programming practices your quality teaching will begin to focus more towards higher order thinking tasks, instead of rote or superficial learning tasks (Dempsey & Arthur-Kelly 2007). Integrative practices strengthen the three dimensions of the Quality Teaching Framework: Significance, Quality Learning Environment and Intellectual Quality. 

Content knowledge of each of the syllabi is extremely important in justifying your teaching program. As you have to be able to prove and record that your teaching is not only effective but complies with the Professional Teaching Standards set by the NSW Institue of Teachers.

As a teacher in a NSW Public School, you can also assess the Connected Outcomes Group (COGS) Units that have been created for integrated learning.

Caitlin, by recording all your outcomes within your program you will be able to easily and quickly identify specific learning areas where you have achieved those set expectations.


Below are PDF files of each syllabus document, of which you need to be familiar with and able to quickly access and refer to at any time throughout your teaching career. 

K - 6 Creative Arts Syllabus

K - 6 English Syllabus 

K - 6 HSIE Syllabus 

K - 6 Maths Syllabus 
K - 6 PDHPE Syllabus
K - 6 Science and Technology Syllabus 


Developing a program for your 4/5 class, can be a strenuous task. Caitlin below are some numeracy and literacy weekly overview template that you can use and adapt for your own planning and programming. By developing your KLA awareness, your integration understandings will develop and your effective, quality, teaching practices will strengthen.

Literacy Weekly Overview 
Literature Template 
Maths Weekly Overview