National Partnership on Literacy and Numeracy

The Australian and NSW State Government have joined together to develop an initiative, which is The National Partnership on Literacy and Numeracy. Woodoo South Public School is a participant within the initiative, this means that teachers and school executives are given extra opportunities to improve and strengthen their practices to further develop the teaching of reading and numeracy within their school. By implementing this initiative teacher's across the state, just like you Caitlin, are able to focus on creating and developing their own knowledge so that they can then develop student's knowledge in authentic learning episodes within the guidelines of the NSW Professional Teaching Standards.

The National Partnership focuses on three areas:

  • High quality teaching
  • Strong leadership
  • Effective use of student performance information.


This extra in-depth numeracy and literacy training is developed over a two-year period where teachers are required to attend professional development sessions. During which teachers learn about the comprehensive programs that have been developed to bring about sustainable improvements in the reading and numeracy achievements of students in NSW schools.

Programs have been developed to help support and expand students’ knowledge and concepts about literacy and numeracy features.
These programs include:


Caitlin by being aware of what the Literacy and Numeracy National Partnership entails gives you the ability to create and justify your teaching practices in accordance with the specific criteria that is needed as a participative school. The National Partnership on Literacy and Numeracy - Information Package for Schools will give you an extensive understanding of what is required and the reasoning behind this initiative. 

As outlined in your class profile one of your students, Thomas, is at a lower reading level then the rest of the class. By investigating into the MULTILIT program and identifying Thomas as a candidate you may be able to vastly improve his reading strategies and comprehension skills. 


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National Partnership on Literacy and Numeracy

National Partnership on Literacy and Numeracy Presentation