The development of a teacher's program links to everyday experiences and routines of busy classroom life to school and state requirements. All effective teachers consider what they are trying to achieve, how they intend to achieve it and why they are doing it (Nicoll 1996).

When you create a program you need to remember to include the major sections of a classroom program. You also need to keep in mind the two following points at all times to ensure your program is effective and ‘teachable’.

1. Your program is the plan of what the teacher wants the students to: 

  • know
  • be able to do
  • be like

at any particular time or duration of the year. 


2. As a plan, your program must be flexible and adaptable (Waters 2011). 


Classroom programs need to be concise and explicit. By dividing your program into two sections, you are able to find the correct, important information more efficiently. 

The first section should contain:

  • relevant contextual and administration information.
  • The second section should contain:
  • an outline of what will be taught in each of the Key Learning Areas;
  • Individual Learning Needs also need to be contained in your program. Some students may also require their own program depending on the severity of the needs.


Caitlin as your class is a composite 4/5 class you must also clearly indicate the outcomes appropriate to the identified levels in the needs assessment.


The second section should contain:
  • Scope and Sequence for each KLA
  • A Yearly Overview
  • Term Overview
  • Weekly Overview
  • Daily Overview
  • Assessment Records


As each teacher’s program is different and unique, there are many resources and help available, the resources below all contain valuable information regarding programming and content.


Further Reading:

Curriculum planning and programming, assessing and reporting to parents K-12 policy - For more information about planning and programming, this policy has vital facts that teacher's need to be aware of (NSW DEC 2006).

Curriculum Support - This website allows you to investigate and download content that is directly suited to supporting you whilst you create the best possible program for your composite class.