Teachers communicate with a variety of people throughout the school day including the students, other colleagues, parents and caregivers. During these interactions, teachers can find it difficult to open up positive communication between each party.

Caitlin, as you have identified issues in communicating with parents and other teachers, we have prepared information for you that may help you establish positive relationships and communication with parents, caregivers, students and staff.

The Department of Education and Communities has enforced the Code of Conduct which states that teachers should “be courteous and responsive in dealing with your colleagues, students and members of the public” (DET 2006, p7). This Code of Conduct (DET 2006) ensures that teachers act appropriately and professionally when conducting their professional duties as a teacher.

This document is also supported by the Professional Teaching Standards (NSW Institute of Teachers 2005), which asks teachers to communicate effectively with students, parents, caregivers and other staff.