School Support Staff

Woodoo South Public School is a National Partnership on Literacy and Numeracy School and therefore receives additional funding and staff to support the needs of the students. As Woodoo South Public School has a high level of ESL learners, Aboriginal Students and students from low socio-economic areas, there is a variety of support staff available.

Caitlin, below we have outlined the support teachers available at your school. You can contact these support staff for assistance with students in your class.


Support Teacher Learning Assistance (STLA)

Name: Mrs Sonia Fergio.

Description: The Department of Education and Communities has implemented a Learning Assistance Program to help students who experience difficulties with basic learning areas.

The STLA's works with the teacher, school executive staff, the students and the parents and/or caregivers to:

  • “identify and assess students experiencing difficulties in learning
  • plan, implement, monitor and evaluate programs for students with learning difficulties
  • build the capacity of teachers to support students with a diverse range of learning needs” (DET 2010).

For more information on this position, click on the following links:

Learning Assistance Program


School Learning Support Officer (SLSO)

Name: Mr Jason Heally

Description: School Learning Support Officers assist teachers in classroom activities and help students in the class with special needs. School Learning Support Officers carry out the following duties:

  • “implement individual education programs (IEPs)
  • provide opportunities for students to develop personal, social, independent, living and pre-vocational skills
  • attend to the personal care needs of students, and
  • operate audio-visual aids, duplicating, issuing learning materials and clerical” (DET n.d)

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Integration Aides

Names: Mrs Kylie Newman, Ms Michelle Wentworth and Mr Kyle Jenkins.

Description: Integration Aides work with STLA and SLSO to assist teachers in the classroom and cater to the needs of students with exceptional needs. Under the direction of the teacher, Integration Aides work with students to improve their learning outcomes and help them participate in learning activities.


Support Teachers

Names: Mrs Edna Catwright, Ms Judith Robert and Ms Debra O'Grady. 

Description: Support Teachers work with the STLA, teachers, executive staff and parents to assist in planning and implementing learning experiences for students who require additional learning needs. Support teachers will be available to help in your classroom during a time set by the executive staff.


English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher

Name: Mrs Rosemarie Fairly.

Description: ESL teachers are available for students who require support in learning English as well as students who are new arrivals to Australia and require a significant amount of support. ESL teachers plan and implement programs to support the students from Non-English speaking backgrounds to ensure they are learning English and working towards achieving the learning outcomes in the NSW syllabus.

For more information on this position, click on the links below:

English as a Second Language – Guidelines for Schools 

ESL Steps and Scales

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Early School Support Program (ESSP) Teacher

Name: Ms Julia Bulgari

Description: The ESSP Teacher works three days a week with students in Kindergarten, Year one and Year two who have a mild intellectual disability. The ESSP teacher may not work with students in your classroom, however, they are available if you have any queries or concerns.


Aboriginal Education Officer

Name: Mrs Anne Thornton 

Description: Aboriginal Education Officers work with schools who have a high population of Aboriginal students. Aboriginal Education Officers work with teachers to promote Aboriginal education and support Aboriginal students and their parents and/or caregivers. Caitlin, you can liaise with the Aboriginal Education Officer to gain advice on how to include Aboriginal Education in the classroom and assist in communicating with the student’s parents and/or caregivers.

For further information on this position, click on the links below:

Aboriginal Education and Training Strategy 2009 - 2012 

Aboriginal Education Officers 


Aboriginal Resource Teacher

Name: Ms Debbie Lapham

Description: The Aboriginal Resource Teacher is a teacher in the school who works with Aboriginal students to promote and assist the development of language skills and literacy and numeracy skills. The Aboriginal Resource Teacher assists Aboriginal students with the demands of the curriculum including sport, study assistance, school attendance and involvement in whole school and extra curricular activities. The Aboriginal Resource Teacher also liaises with the school and parents and/or caregivers when communication assistance is required.

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